Company Cargo

Wheels for profits.

In 2011, Elian deconstructed and redesigned the classic Dutch ‘cargo bike’ to international acclaim. Now he has done so for urban e-drive transport. With the Company Cargo you are able to smoothly deliver your goods across the city – safely protected in a personalized box that brings your message to market. 

With cars and trucks increasingly being banned from city centers, it is paramount that businesses have a clean, safe and easy way to transport their goods. Introducing the Company Cargo. The only custom made innovative and sustainable marketing solution on wheels.

The Company Cargo is available and delivered ready to ride. Depending on your needs we can help you find the right model for your specific business goals.  

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Elian used his patented central steering hub and paired this with smaller wheels for a shorter wheel based bike. The result? A much more stable, responsive ride. Far less jumpy and far more enjoyable. If you know how to ride a regular bike, the Companycargo will be breeze. The loading capacity of the Cycletruck is 75 kg of cargo plus a 100 kg person.

Shimano Steps 6000

The Compaycargo is equipped with the intelligent, silent and easy to use e-bike system Shimano steps. For all who love to bring their goods to their customer’s doorstep smoothly, Shimano Steps will give you that extra push. Speed 25km/h, 250Watt motor and action radius up to 120km.  

Personalized box

The box is engineered to optimize all available cargo space on the Companycargo. One of the more striking features is the way the doors open and close, getting some turning heads while loading and unloading your cargo. Also, creative thought was given to making your unique marketing message visible at all times. Whether driving or standing still, your message will be seen across town. Due to the lightweight aluminum material the box can be interchanged easily, thereby tailoring to specific seasons or events in your business. There are many options available, such as choosing your color, completely wrapping your box and isolation to protect your cargo from heat or cold. Contact us for all available options. 

Shimano Alfine 8 or 11 Speedhub

Depending on your needs and riding environment we choose the right gearing setup. The Shimano Alfine hubs are the best of the Shimano line in combination with the steps 6000 middle motor configuration.  

High grade steel

Steel, the ideal material for bicycle frames. The Cargobike is made of high grade crmo steel. The chemical composition of this steel, specifying a higher percentage of Chromium, makes it 3 times stronger than a standard grade steel.

In house made steeringhub

Widely regarded as a less ‘jumpy’ more fluid way of steering a motorbike in comparison with a traditional fork set up, it greatly reduces ʻflexʼ when braking. Elian concluded this was literally the way forward for the Cargobike, lowering its center of gravity and reducing weight, especially when combined with the steel ʻspace frameʼ. Both the patented steeringhub and space frame engineering are distinguished parts of the Companycargo.

Frame geometry

With all the knowledge of our past cargobikes we found just the right frame geometry for the Companycargo, uniquely suitable to survive a busy crowded city environment. The frame is stiff but comfortable because of the tires and damp mechanism. The small wheels with big tires also make this bike comfortable and strong. The adjustable seat and handlebar position make this Companycargo perfect for every member of your delivery team.  

Interested in ordering?

A complete Cycletruck starts at € 6995,- excluded VAT

How to order