Steel & Stainless Steel

One debate that causes most cyclists and frame builders to go around in circles is the Steel vs Stainless vs Titanium discussion. The truth is, itʼs a personal choice. It depends how well the bikeʼs built, the spec and suitability of the components, and how and where you intend to ride the bike. Reynolds and Columbus, the titans of tube suppliers, have provided some exceptional examples in each material.


Durable, strong and resistant to damage in case of sudden impact. Itʼs the classic frame building material, for many years, the only frame building material. Reynolds 953 and Columbus XCR represent the finest steel tubing currently available and are without equals. Neither are easy to cut, miter or weld and both are pretty hard to align, but the resulting ride is oh so worth it. Steel frames are also the most versatile to finish whether you choose the timeless beauty of lugs or the seamless precision of TIG welding and fillet brazing. Steel can also be treated to some spectacular paint finishes, from high gloss glam to ultra minimalist matt.