Pedal against the mainstream

In 2011, Elian deconstructed and redesigned the classic Dutch ʻcargo bikeʼ to international acclaim. Traditionally, cargo bikes are built for utility rather than riding fulfillment. Itʼs a struggle to keep one in a straight line - especially when loaded with children or shopping. Evaluating every component, especially the steering, Elian created a central steering hub not dissimilar to one pioneered in motorcycle design

Widely regarded as a less ʻjumpyʼ more fluid way of steering a motorbike in comparison with a traditional fork set up, it greatly reduced ʻflexʼ when braking. Elian concluded this was literally the way forward for the cargo bike, lowering its centre of gravity and reducing weight, especially when combined with the steel ʻspace frameʼ

Like all great innovations, it took time and trial and error to perfect. Elian tried several versions, different cables, aiming to create a long wheel bike that rode better than a conventional version. Finally, the steering hub was engineered around a mechanical rake providing the brilliantly balanced, perfectly controlled ride Elian and his clients were looking for. Which is why the completed cargo bikes can be seen whistling along the streets and avenues of Europe, not just hanging in a gallery.