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'Everyoneʼs perception of perfection is different. It has to be, as weʼre different lengths, shapes and sizes. But beyond that, itʼs how the bike fits you, your personality, your history and obviously how and where you ride. When you look at your handcrafted cargobike, you should be desperate to ride it. And when youʼre riding it, you should be desperate to look at it.'

For your steap climbs

Our handcrafted Electric Cargobike is the bike you need for a smooth ride when riding with your packed up cargobike in a challenging environment. Fitted with an ultra silent direct drive motor, it gives you all the torque you need when taking off.

For your adventurous trips

The Classic Cargobike Tour is a light weight cargobike with a set up made for long distances. The 11 speed Shimano XT group combined with the 650B rear wheel will give you the smoothest ride and take you swiftly to all the beautiful places around the world.

For your daily commute

The Classic Cargobike Urban is built for ease and comfort on your daily bicycle rides. Equipped with tram track proof tires, a Gates belt drive and a Rohloff 14 speed integrated gear hub it’s perfect for crowded urban environments and an easy bike to maintain.

Full custom builds

Elian will interpret your wishes into a custom build that should represent everything youʼve ever wanted from your ultimate bicycle. Bars, crank & chain-sets, drop outs, brushed fillet brazing, tig welding or intricate lug frames - itʼs all up to you with as much or as little guidance as you prefer. 

Custom framesets

For those who share our love of building bikes we offer custom framesets. You can use your own parts to complete the bike, or we can deliver you all the parts you need to complete the assembly. Anything is possible!

Accessories to complete your ride

We know your bike is for adventures. To make your adventures easier we have created complementary accessories to complete your ride.

Limited to
40 unique
pieces per year

Every cargo is made by hand and made to match individual specifications. Always the ultimate challenge to transform 15 meter of Chromoly steel tubing into the iconic cargo space frame.
Every individual bike has 93 brazing points, 20 tig welds and numerous small details to make it a true work of art. Not only the frameset can be tailored to every client’s individual measurements, also the choice of powder coating, saddle, handlebars and gearing is exactly as you love it.
To guarantee a cargo bike of this outstanding quality, Elian builds them with a small team of professionals, also limiting the number of cargo bike builds to 40 unique pieces per year.

Elian’s patented
steering hub

Like all great innovations, it took time and trial and error to perfect. Elian tried several versions, different cables, aiming to create a long wheel bike that rode better than a conventional version.

Finally, the steering hub was engineered around a mechanical rake providing the brilliantly balanced, perfectly controlled ride Elian and his clients were looking for. Which is why the completed cargo bikes can be seen whistling along the streets and avenues of Europe, not just hanging in a gallery.

A bike for riding,
not just admiring

Has the Elian Cycles cargobike piqued your interest? For more info on all models, dealers or scheduling a test-drive, contact us.


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