Elian cargobikes

Classic Cargo E-Drive

The Classic cargo E-drive is the bike you need for that extra push to keep a smooth ride when riding with your packed up cargo in a challenging environment.

Classic Cargo Urban

The Classic Cargo Urban is built for ease and comfort on your daily rides. It’s perfect for crowded environments and an easy bike to maintain.

Classic Cargo Tour

The Classic Cargo Tour is a light weight cargo bike with a set up made for long distances and will bring you anywhere you like with ease.


If you share the love of building bikes we can offer you a custom cargobike frameset. Together we will find all the parts you need and ship the frameset for you to assemble yourself.

Enjoy making the bike. Love riding the bike.

Elian will interpret your wishes into a custom build that should represent everything youʼve ever wanted from your ultimate bicycle. Bars, crank & chain-sets, drop outs, brushed fillet brazing or tig welds - itʼs all up to you with as much or as little guidance as you prefer. 

Handcrafted accessories

Not only our cargobikes, but also all our accessories are handcrafted with military precision. 

  • Seats for children
  • Dog pillows
  • Cycling bags
  • and many more