How to buy

It starts with a conversation

You probably have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for. But if you’re unsure or hesitant about any detail, sizing or spec - just pick up the phone to discuss it. Or if you’d prefer to drop by, please do so, the coffee’s always fresh.

The first step

You need to start filling in the order form so we can add your name to the build queue and get the conversation about your future cargobike started.

The design

We will contact you about your future ride within a week and help you further on your vision for your perfect bicycle by learning about your bike fit, past bicycles and riding style. We will guide you by listening to your wishes and find out what works best for you.

Once this design process is done we will make you a quote and ask for a prepayment before we start your built.

The build

All the details are done so we can start working on the actual built. We start selecting the right tubes, miter them and braze or weld them together. Next is filing and polishing the welds and brazes and get them ready for or powdercoat. Once it has been coated we will carefully start the assembly and get it ready for your new adventures.

The delivery

Once your bike is ready we will send you the final invoice and carefully pack and ship your bike. You’re also more than welcome to pick up the bike yourself in our workshop so we can ride the first mileage together!

Start your order direcly

By filling in the order form, we will add your name to the build queue and get the conversation about your future bike started.

Visit dealer locations

Our Partners all have the Classic Cargo and/or Company Cargo in their shops ready for testing. We recommend calling for a test ride.

Terms & Conditions

The Elian Cycles ordering terms & conditions.