Elian x Noraly

Great minds think alike. So do Elian and Noraly. Together they tailor away at every customers need in order to create a perfect build. With a keen eye for detail, customers can expect nothing but the very best quality from our accessories.


Just like time, the minute flies. A radically paired down commuter bike with smaller sized wheels. It’s stronger, lighter, more agile and infinitely more portable - good news for everyone who lives above ground level.

Company cargo

With cars and trucks increasingly being banned from city centers, it is paramount that businesses have a clean, safe and easy way to transport their goods. Introducing the Company Cargo. The only custom made innovative and sustainable marketing solution on wheels.


Seats sourced from Brooks, Rolls and world renowned groupsets, pedals and cranks from Italy or Japan. Every bike is finished with a distinctive Primarius signature, a ʻPʼ that forms the base of the drop outs. Perfect, personal, Primarius.