Elian and his Team

Every cargo is made by hand and made to match individual specifications. Always the ultimate challenge to transform 15 meter of Chromoly steel tubing into the iconic cargo space frame.
Every individual bike has 93 brazing points, 20 tig welds and numerous small details to make it a true work of art. Not only the frameset can be tailored to every client’s individual measurements, also the choice of powder coating, saddle, handlebars and gearing is exactly as you love it.
To guarantee a cargo bike of this outstanding quality, Elian builds them with a small team of professionals, also limiting the number of cargo bike builds to 40 unique pieces per year.

Green machines, the legacy lives on

Every frame builder has their own tried and trusted tools and equipment. From frame jigs to TIG-torches and tubing blocks but the original owners of Elianʼs equipment were looking for their own tried and trusted frame builder.

It was 1947 when Bruges based Roelens-Thoria began producing hand made bikes and mopeds. Working with suppliers like Ducatti, they soon established an unrivaled reputation in Belgium and beyond.

Sadly they stopped production several years ago but the company owners were keen to ensure their prized machinery only went to someone who shared their own sense of quality, craftsmanship and single minded passion for all things two wheeled.

After meeting Elian, the owners felt thereʼd be no better, more deserving home for their lathes, blast cabinets and milling machines, than Elianʼs workshop in Maurik, Holland. Every Elian bike is engineered using this equipment so in some ways the Roelens-Thoria legacy lives and rides on.