Custom cargobike builds

The price for a custom build Elian Cargobike is based on a frameset price and all the additional costs necessary for your custom assembly. 


When you are seriously interested in a custom build. Please fill in our fit-form and add all your wishes and ideas for components or riding goals in the wishlist and we will send you a personalized quote. 

Personal Fit Form
PDF – 438,3 KB

You can send us your fit form via the contact page.

Custom options for your frameset

Any special frame requirements or changes in details can be made on request. Over the last years we've happily build stainless rearframes, custom stems, handlebars, seat-posts, seat-toppers, cargoplate solution, logoplates, decorated bottlecarge bosses.

If you have any special frame requirements please feel free to contact us so we can findout what we're able to do for you. 

Dropouts and axles

Every setup is different. Depending on your assembly we're able to make frame modifications for rearend spacing and axle diameters with our fixed rearends or sliding dropouts.  

Custom Assembly

We will interpret your wishes into a custom build that should represent everything youʼve ever wanted from your ultimate cargobike. Bars, Stems, crank & chain-sets, drop outs, - itʼs all up to you with as much or as little guidance as you prefer. 

Tailor-made for your journey

Another way to get around town, or around the world. Each story is unique. For some riders it brought them from Amsterdam to the North-cape and for others it changed their daily way of riding in their own city.

When your journey is clear but you need help to find the right bike-setup or assembly, please feel free to ask for our help so we can guide you in finding the best solutions.