The Primarius partnership

Primarius produced strong, sturdy, durable bikes capable of dealing with narrow city streets, wet cobbles, icy tram tracks and anything the unpredictable Dutch climate could throw at them. Sadly, the companyʼs refusal to use cheaper, inferior metals and imported parts ultimately lead to its demise.

Ressurected by keen cyclist, Barry Soetens together with Elian, the Primarius brand stands for hand built bikes with meticulous attention to detail. Painstakingly polished frames, layer on layer of hand applied paint lacquer, tactile grip and handle leathers. Seats sourced from Brooks, Rolls and world renowned groupsets, pedals and cranks from Italy or Japan. Every bike is finished with a distinctive Primarius signature, a ʻPʼ that forms the base of the drop outs. Perfect, personal, Primarius.