Custom Cargobike Framesets

If you share the love of building bikes we built a custom cargobike frameset.  The frameset consists all the cargobike parts you need and together we can list all the parts you require for self assembly to make the bike ready for it's first ride.




Every setup is different. Depending on your future setup we will build the frame with the fixed rearends or sliding dropouts that are needed for your assembly. 

Bottom bracket

All our frames are build with the worldwide standardized 73mm BSA Threaded bottombracket housing. Every Mtb/tour standard bracket will fit to make sure we don't depend on brand independent setups. This makes our frames future proof. 


We fit all our "standard" cargo frames with a 1 inch headtube with Stronglight threaded headset for a quill stem (22,2mm). We're also able to build the frames with the 1/18ste inch headtube combined with a ChrisKing or other branded A-headset. 

Custom requests

Any special frame requirements or changes in details can be made on request. Over the last years we've happily build stainless rearframes, custom stems, handlebars, seat-posts, seat-toppers, cargoplate solution, logoplates, decorated bottlecarge bosses.

If you have any special frame requirements please feel free to contact us so we can find out what we're able to do for you.