Frequently asked questions

Do you sell separate frames?

Yes we do, you can order a frameset which includes the frame and all the parts which are specifically made by us for final assembly. The assembly process is similar to any ’’normal’’ bike and for the assembly of the steering system you will receive a assembly guide with the proper bolt torque specs for safe installation.

Can I order a cargobike in any color?

Yes you can. All our frames are powdercoated in 3 layers, Primer, color and clearcoat. For powdercoat we offer every RAL color in Matt and High Gloss.

Which frames sizes do you offer and do you have custom sizing?

The frame sizes we offer are 53, 56, 59 cm ( Center bottom bracket- Top seat tube). We’re aware that some riders require or need special sizes and we can build these on request. The price will be the same only the lead time will be between 2 and 4 weeks longer.

Which custom options do you offer?

We offer a full range of custom options, since the list is endless of things we can do. You're free to let us know what you are looking for and we will discuss how and what we can do for you.

Do you offer the E-Cargo with Mid motors?

No, we don’t. Personally as a bike builder i'm not a big fan of Mid motors.We only build about 40 cargobikes a year and the main reason is that we love to build bikes and we love them to last really long. Over the last years we've noticed that all the Mid motor producers are changing their pitch mountings on the motors. This means that the motors won't be interchangeable over the years and if the motor gets any problems it is not replaceable anymore, thus making the frame useless.

With a rear wheelmotor you can always choose to get a different rear wheelmotor because it is based on a 142mm 12mm tru-axle rear frame or you could always get a normal e-drive less hub in the bike and you are able to ride the bike forever.

Do you offer the cargobikes with Pinion gear?

Yes we do! We've built the first Pinion Cargobikes this year

Where can I testdrive the cargobike?

You can testdrive our bikes in our workshop or go to the nearest dealer. Click here for our dealer locations.

Is is possible to visit the workshop?

Yes is it possible to visit our workshop when you have an appointment made. To make the appointment please feel free to call or send us an email.

What is the lead time for a frameset or complete cargobike build?

The lead time depends on our planning, but most of the framesets are ready for shipment within 8 weeks, for a “standard” completely assembled bike the lead time is in between 8 and 10 weeks.

How does the shipment work?

We can ship our cargobikes and framesets worldwide. Since a cargobike frame is considerably in size we ship the cargobike in a big box. In case you order a complete cargobike the only parts which you should assemble are the handlebar, seat post and the wheels. All the Cables are pre installed already, so no cable adjustments or brake bleeding is necessary. When you receive the cargobike you will also receive an assembly specs list with the required bolt torque and the installation guide.

How does it work with shipment worldwide/ VAT/ Customs?

For customers within the EU shipment and Vat are included in the price we offer. Since the bike will stay within the EU there are no extra custom fees!

For customers outside the EU we will offer the shipment as separate costs and since the bike is getting exported outside the EU there is no EU (dutch) VAT of application. The VAT and any extra costs to the customs depend on the final destination. Before we sell our bike to customers outside the EU we will guide them through the process. So we avoid any unexpected cost and surprises.

How does the order process work?

  1. Fill in the order form.
  2. We will contact you by mail and phone within 72 hours.
  3. Together we discuss your perfect build.
  4. when your ready for the order you can pay a downpayment so we can start building your bike.
  5. We will ship your cargobike anywhere in the world.
  6. Your adventure begins!

Is there a warranty program?

Yes, there is! More information about warranty you can find in the terms and conditions.

Is there maintenance program / guide?

Yes, on our download page you can find all the information you need to keep your Uraban, Tour or E-drive cargobike in perfect condition.
When you have a full custom build the specific parts you might have chosen are not listed on the download page. In this case your always free to ask and we will provide you the missing information.

What are the assembly specs we should keep in mind for a frameset?

Before we offer a frameset we always like to discuss what type of assembly you want for the frame. Depending on your wishes we can check whether your beloved parts will fit. Within the first conversations we will also discuss what is all possible and we will guide you through the process.